I run a private medical practice. Through a correct explanation, especially in the first consultation, I would like to create a trusting doctor-patient relationship. Therefore, read the comments below at your leisure.

It is billed according to the private fee schedule for physicians (GOÄ-1996). There is no general health insurance approval.
Patients with health insurance often visit me and are welcome (see further explanations below!)


You will always be notified in advance of non-refundable services (both verbally and in writing). Among the mostly non-reimbursable medicines are mainly herbal, homeopathic or vitamin preparations. This applies both to those entitled to benefits and to privately insured persons. Some patients have special rates that include natural remedies, homeopathics. Please read your tariff carefully!

In the case of medical services, these include body tissue analysis (special device analysis bioimpedance, A1409), special abdominal artery elasticity vessel measurement (arteriography), in-depth preventive gene counseling, The nutritional counseling (A33), time-consuming and detailed vaccination counseling with medication schedule for individual foreign travel, etc., are not eligible for reimbursement. Benefit number 70 (sick leave) is not reimbursed by most assistance agencies. However, we will have to charge you for these. Generally, the things listed above are always discussed in detail (verbally and in writing) during the initial interview.

More and more, mostly younger patients are taking out a private health insurance contract with a high deductible per year (for example, 800 or 1,000 euros). Special rates also include a reduced medical fee rate. Please be sure to let us know in advance. Please understand that we do not change the complete invoice afterwards, despite the fact that you were asked again during the initial consultation.

Of course, you will receive a written treatment contract from us with detailed fee schedule figures attached to it at your first appointment.

You enter into a treatment contract directly with the doctor. This means that your health insurance company is not contractually involved here. If your health insurance company refuses to pay benefits (verbally, in writing) despite detailed explanation by us beforehand, then the physician is required to support you in the recovery process. Nevertheless, you are obliged to pay the fees. Please understand that I am not able to provide elaborate pleadings for amounts of less than 100 Euros, which may include time-consuming reports on the findings.


Patients billing with general insurance are welcome. I have many patients in care (health check-up, nutritional counseling, treatment of weight problems, metabolic disorders, holistic allergy counseling, headaches, migraines, chronic pain syndrome, chronic back pain – the holistic concept).

The initial appointment (minimum 30 minutes: € 95,- analogous to private fee schedule GOÄ-1996).

Other costs will be discussed in detail at the initial appointment. On average, only one additional, but usually very detailed and intensive appointment (including examination and concept development-1h) is required (1h: € 195,-). In a few cases, another appointment is then necessary (30 minutes; € 95,-). Billing is in accordance with the private medical fee schedule GOÄ 1996.


The cost of certificates for offices, schools, expert opinions (for example, for life insurance- GOÄ-1996: 80, 85) are listed in the private fee schedule. This does not result in a fundamental reimbursement obligation by health insurance companies.

In general, I ask for your understanding that I cannot write detailed and time-consuming letters with detailed justifications for amounts below € 100,-, e.g. if the subsidy office, despite prior clarification by me, requests detailed certificates with reports of findings for natural remedies or homeopathics.

Pre-clearance is always performed because of possible non-reimbursement! However, it goes without saying that I will properly assist you in your request if things are unclear with your insurance company.