Treat gastrointestinal problems holistically

The holistic treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal pain, flatulence, irritable stomach, gastritis has become a major focus of my practice. Also previously unrecognized gastrointestinal disorders and diseases, such as sprue or celiac disease, sorbitol, xylitol, histamine intolerance, mastocytosis, as well as chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease and colitis.

The lifestyle of our society, influenced by stress, wrong biorhythm, wrong nutrition (“junk food”), over-acidification of the body tissue, but also novel additives in the diet or environmental influences, have a considerable impact on our digestive system and lead to complaints such as belching, heartburn, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, flatulence, diarrhea, stomach and intestinal cramps, inflammation of the intestines, and others.

Food intolerances (fructose, lactose, gluten, histamine, etc.) are also increasing rapidly in recent times.

A holistic examination and treatment concept

very often allows to improve or eliminate the symptoms. However, this takes time, effort and dedicated, patient cooperation between doctor and patient.

Because complaints must be discussed in detail, the doctor’s examination is thorough, newer examination methods (stool, blood) are included. Only a jointly discussed treatment concept will ultimately lead to success.

I am glad to be involved in this, because the complaints – whether in the stomach or intestines – which sometimes last for years, can be treated successfully. The end result is a significant gain in quality of life.

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As a specialist in nutritional medicine, I deal extensively with the complaints and clinical pictures of the stomach and intestines. For interesting articles on treatment options, check out my blog.

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