Your family doctor in Bonn

Since the beginning of my medical practice, I have enjoyed making house calls. Home visits have an important place in primary care, because an acute viral infection can confining any of us to bed within hours. The elderly of my patients, in particular, rightly need medical care in their own homes, especially if they have multiple chronic conditions.
For some years now I have been combining medicine with music - I almost always have my violin with me on my home visits and play for the seriously ill, the dying and for my geriatric patients, for example. In doing so, I am always impressed by what a powerful, comforting and healing effect music can have.

Please schedule a home visit first thing in the morning at 8:30 a.m. if possible. The urgency can then be clarified directly by telephone with our practice team:

Home visits

Emergencies are considered immediately, despite my appointment practice. The fact that home visits are also carried out on weekends and in the evening is a matter of course for me as a doctor. In most cases, however, I will coordinate the visiting time and other important matters with you before the weekend.

Care for the chronically ill

Especially the chronically ill person must have the certainty that he is not alone with his questions, problems and complaints. That’s why I like to take the time to work with our affiliated physicians and care teams to develop an individualized treatment.

For new patients, the first step is an initial individual “get-to-know-you” conversation, whether at home or in our office. Caring and trust are very important to me.

I would like to teach chronically ill people the holistic naturopathic approach to medicine (acupuncture, homeopathy, neural therapy, herbal therapies and others) in addition to the procedures recognized by conventional medicine. The advantages: Avoid side effects of chemical drugs, provide the chronically ill body with self-healing powers, provide additional support for the body through naturopathy!

The main topics among the chronically ill patients who present themselves to me are diseases such as difficult-to-treat gastrointestinal diseases, sleep disorders, chronic allergies or chronic pain.

The approach here is to find serious ways and solutions via the holistic medical understanding. This requires time and tact. The philosophy and structure of my practice takes this time commitment into account.

Referral to further specialists

“Which specialist can you recommend for me? Would you also go to him?”

We get these questions every day. I work in a network of proven experts from different fields.

We can and should assume that. We always recommend several experts of the same field, who are up to date with the latest medical knowledge, but who can also understand my way of working of holistic comprehensive medicine.

Mediation of inpatient treatment

In acute cases, I am happy to refer patients to a specialist colleague in the hospital after consultation with my patients. There are always several options to consider here. My patients should always be able to choose freely here.

At training courses, conferences and events directly in the hospitals, I maintain active contact with the physician colleagues working there.

Other focal points