Hormone replacement therapy during menopause

Menopause or the following menopause (woman), adrenopause (man) are for some of us rather connected with a small bitter aftertaste: they mean, the body adjusts to the second stage of life.

Sudden hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, cardiovascular problems, sleep disturbances, new joint pain or urinary urgency, all can be the cause of such hormonal changes – even in men.

If we accept our body with its biological aging process and implement sensible strategies, combined with expert preventive advice, we will live the second stage of our life with the same joy and satisfaction.

Modern hormone substitution 

has the purpose of responsibly providing relief and maintaining quality of life according to the latest scientific findings. To support this, you will be integrated into a holistic concept for proper nutrition, exercise and relaxation measures.

The hormone replacement therapy

In addition to a detailed interview, examination (including hormone – laboratory determination), a concept is created. Here, if necessary, bioidentical (not synthetic) hormones are used in addition to natural remedies, homeopathics. This may vary from case to case. Progesterone, for example, works differently transdermally or orally given (natural bioidentical hormone use) in women. Some men metabolize and tolerate testosterone better transdermally (disadvantage: daily administration).

Important here is the distinction between a “therapy” (i.e. treatment in case of illness) and a “substitution” (treatment in case of deficiency, for example in menopause (women) and adrenopause (men).

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Menopause: More about strategies and therapies

As a preventive medicine physician, I deal extensively with menopausal symptoms in both women (menopause) and men (adrenopause). For interesting articles on treatment options, check out my blog.

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